Mitt Romney

Communication is key to any worthwhile endeavor especially when the task is attempting to convince the masses to vote for you. You have to say things and behave in a certain manner that gives the desired impression. Mitt Romney would like people to be able to relate to him because of the perception of him is that he is a rich elitist that doesn't know how difficult life is for the average person. Communicating a political message can take various forms. It can be done through television commercials or through internet advertising. Mitt Romney and his team are learning the ropes with regards to this problem. Barack Obama and his staff have already mastered the fine art of mass communication. Quite a few times in various speeches Mitt Romney has said things that have puzzled many conservatives. His intent is to make a particular point about a policy issue but it comes out somewhat muddled. A great example of this is when he said "I am a severe conservative". Republicans were scratching their heads. Why would he say that? I believe that what he meant to say was that I am very conservative but he came out all wrong, he has to work on that if he wants to be president.

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